03 September 2012

El Hadj

Dear friends,

So many thing happened that this is my second post today.
On Friday evening we met with our partner El Hadj, El Hadj is a spirited entrepreneur with a true understanding of business and his country. He like ourselevs,  found himself in the water business after understanding that before anything else his country needs a reliable water flow and although there is plenty business opportunities he first wants to tackle this issue. there is plently of water in cameroun but it is not yet managed properly and therefore encounters water shortages in the cities and famine in the north.

Together we have several ideas of water projects that can be done in Cameroun for the benefit of all.

We had several meetings with government, NGOs, the israeli ambassador which discussed with us the issues of agriculture and shared with us his ideas and experiences (Miki Arbel is by occupation an agricultural expert and is introducing to Cameroun drip irrigation and much more, watch his documentary on Mako http://www.mako.co.il/news-channel2/Weekend-Newscast/Article-62f9da2dd714831018.htm) and are learning about Cameroun and its water difficulties. See more below more about Cameroun.

Avi, Theirry, the ambassador, el hadj and myself

Avi, Theirry and Peter , the innovative founder of Life & Water
development group an NGO which works with the northern villags with much sucess understanding their needs and how to bring about change.

El Hadj is a gracious partner and host and every evening he invited us to his house to enjoy local Cameroun style dishes, and meet his lovely family, wife and 10 beautiful children. Today he honored us deeply when he invited us to the naming of his new born granddaughter and we were privileged to be among his guests.

the naming ceremony

the food, a stewed meat and wheet dougnuts

the meat stall in the market where alhadj bought the Kilishi, a spicy drued meat and for me he bought the less spicy.

Dinner with Thierry and Didie, the finance manger, in El Hadj's home

El Hadj and myself

the Kilishi

Tomorrow more meetings and the meeting with the secretary general of the water ministry and a 4 and half hour drive back to Douala! write to you soon!

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