10 July 2013

Something new and good is happening - Israel has joined the world of International development

Something new and good is happening, for the last five years there has been a change in Israel's atmosphere, a lot of people are looking for how to do good. Voluntarism has flourished, alongside with the regular Reality and feeble minded television and entertainment, television shows with a social agenda have flourished, old and young look to volunteer in Israel and abroad in the many new programs that have been developmed.

One of these is the International development arena.
Although many aid groups exist in Israel for a long time, in the last 5 years, I personally feel a new trend has evolved, a new wave of interest in International development, a new interest in Africa, over 30 companies joined the Israel-Africa chamber of a commerce in the 2013 and many youngsters seeking to be part of this movement. IsraelDev a new organization, which I am happy to be part of, is a grassroots movement which seeks to foster an environment in Israel which supports and promotes international development and is the essence of this wave.
Recently I was sent the new IsraelDev newsletter, attached for your reference, a good read – http://members.viplus.com/view.ashx?message=e40020833O-40011652O157490O-40020834

For many years Israel has been on the accepting side, as a new country only 65 years old, born from dire circumstances, we have been for a long time on the receiving end. But as we grew and had to deal with our destiny: draught and water shortage; lack of land; Sun and heat; a state of constant existential threat, we have learnt to make the best of it. Not necessarily out of true grace, but quickly we understood that despair is not a good working method and you should make the most of what you have.

From our lemons we made quite a few lemonade flavors:
Our constant existential state and flow of immigrants developed into a vast High-tech industry;
Our sun and heat developed into a solar energy innovative society;
And our water shortage led to a fast growing, water conservation, drip irrigation, water management and water treatment industry.

All of these have not fallen on deaf ears and our companies and many youngsters see this as an opportunity for the developing world. I also believe we come with a different and more understanding attitude, because not too long ago we have been there too, so our assistance is from the point of view of someone who has experienced similar hardships.
Israel has so much to give and finally has the strength, willingness and stamina to do so.