09 August 2012

Dear Friends,

During the past two years, while contemplating our vision and finding our place in the water market, we recognized that Rural water was underdeveloped or almost neglected and we pinpointed two main market failures which we have put as our mission to resolve.
1. A gap between the three main market factors: “NEED”, “TECHNOLOGY”, “CAPITAL”, which are unable to work together properly and ultimately bring about inappropriate solutions which cause discouragement on all sides: the donors don’t believe that the locals are capable of self sufficiency and the recipients don’t believe they are given proper assistance.

2. This miscommunication as well as insufficient pre project planning, lack of community participation, inappropriate regard to local culture and lack of appropriate business models  cause non sustainable projects which are seen all over Africa in the form of malfunctioning equipment, lack of maintenance, faulty or soiled filers or just plain population misuse due to lack of training and understanding.

Both of these are the root for discouragement and failure in reaching long term improvement in providing access to clean water to millions of people.

WWS sees itself as a solution to these malfunctions. We operate through partnerships and coordination of the three market factors thus overcoming their vulnerabilities. 
WWS transforms a need into a project by taking into account all variables as well as community buy-in and local culture, in a consistent format through appropriate and sustainable solutions for the goal of access to clean water.

Next time I will share with you how we do it, in more detail.

Preparations are underway:
·         Visa for Cameroon – check, it was very hot that day, giving us a weather prep I guess, 2 forms to fill, not too bad, although we complained of course.
·         Niger – a bit complicated, but our partner is working on it, hold your fingers for us
·         Other visas: Madagascar, Tanzania at the entrance – very convenient but also expensive………..
·         Vaccinations – check, 7 all in all were needed, hurt a bit, but not too bad, overcoming….
·         Much more to do

17 days to go…….

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