27 August 2012

Landed at last!

I am so, so tired!!
So I will be brief and get to bed.

The full flight with connections and so took 20 hours, but apparently after meeting with Mahamad at the hotel, there is no other way to get from Israel to Niamey in less, he flew Turkish and it took him longer.
In less than I day I was in 5 countries, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m an African veteran, well not exactly, but I feel connected already. We were in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia; Lome- Togo; Cotonou – Benin; Abuja – Nigeria; Niamey – Niger.
All the long flight, the service was really good, the seats good and the right size, even the food was fine, Yes I admit I am one of those that like airline food… one of my faults, but it was really good.

Addis airport was empty at 05:50 but at 06:30 so congested you won’t believe.

The endless line in Addis Airport
The colors and smells are starting to be Africa, people from everywhere Chinese, Israelis, Europeans, Africans from the whole continent, such beautiful colors; it was a real fashion show as far as we were concerned. It is not only the bright and unique bold colors, but texture, embroidery and such care, you might expect it for women, but I was really surprised to see the men so well groomed, if it is  a western business suit or a local costume, it is very impressive so unlike the israeli male.

Former Concerns:
·        The seats, - no problem were great.
·        20 hours flight, was actually 4 legs with additional stops in Cotonou – Benin and Abuja – Nigeria, but couldn’t do it differently.  Quite tiresome.
·        Ethiopian airline – I highly recommend and would like to add, that their daughter company, less know A sky airlines – which we were not sure about – highly professional, efficient and highly recommended.
·        Won’t have proper cell and internet connection – got great WiFi in Adis and now writing you from the free WiFi service in the hotel, the WiFi is OK, hotel- not so much…..
·        Entry to Niger – No problem with the visa that Mahamad arranged for us, but they did take our passport for 24 hours
Not worried about:
·        The food – was good up till now, but did not have a real local experience yet
·        The heat – also not as bad, tomorrow heavy rains are expected.

So much more to tell you, but too tired so I am going to sleep and bid you good night.

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