14 August 2012

How we do things different and more preparations......

Water is the prime substance of life. It’s remarkable to think that so many experts, companies and technologies have been dealing with the issue of water for decades, but still as per the UN FAO - 2.8 Billion people lack economic access to water infrastructure or live in areas of water scarcity.

It makes one wonder, what is the reason? What are we doing wrong? How can we do it better? And most important - how can we change this? This is the question that has troubled WaterWays while we contemplated our company's vision and as we tried to find our place in this market.

So what do we bring which is different, which can give a real solution:

WaterWays looks at the water challenge through the eyes of people and forming partnerships. As technical as the problem is, Technology alone is not the solution. We transfer needs into projects, incorporating technology with business and social models needed to overcome the sustainability challenge.

WWS provides a comprehensive holistic plan from identifying the challenge; writing proposals; on site evaluation; technological and organizational recommendations; integration for implementation; technology screening; fund sourcing, as needed; training, to maintenance and capacity building.

WWS working models incorporate:
-        A local community which is looking for change and looking to improve their lives
-        sufficient pre project planning;
-        Use of appropriate technology, focusing on simple, decentralized, low maintenance and low energy technologies;
-        WWS social models: enhancing understanding of the population and promoting community buy-in; empowerment of the community to instigate local responsiveness and participation incorporating local “wisdom of the masses” tools; proper integration between technology and the community taking into account local culture; training for self sufficiency; training on all levels and local mentorship.
-        Appropriate business models enhancing community income allocated to maintenance, management, training and capacity building; and the option to combine private and donor money.

WWS bridges the gap and focuses on project sustainability

Fair Planet Seeds is looking for voluntaries – please read attached Ad below
Fair Planet Seeds -  is  a  nonprofit  organization  whose  mission  is  to  increase  food  production  and  provide  new economic  opportunities  for  smallholder  farmers  in  Africa,  by  addressing  the  lack  of  quality  vegetable varieties.  Looking for voluntaries for a project in Ethiopia. Contact: shoshan@fairplanetseeds.com

Preparations are underway:
·         Visa for Cameroon – 440 NIS and 2 days later we got the visa to Cameroon with no complications, I’m happy to say.
·         Niger – still working on it, keep holding your fingers for us
·         Meetings are being scheduled as we speak: we will be meeting with government officials, NGOs, Private companies, Water Organizations and more. All so we can get the best impression possible of what we need to do.
·         In each country we will be visiting rural areas and meeting with local people, I am so grateful to our partners in each country which are working so hard to get everything ready so that this tour will be a success and will be beneficial.
·         Much more to do

Next time I will write a little bit about the countries we plan to visit

12 days to go…….

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