09 April 2013

Good Bye Ethiopian Hello Turkish

It 12:00 o'clock here in Yaounde we just arrived at the hotel, nice hotel, friendly , has Wi-Fi…..we had a seven hour flight from Istanbul, funny enough I am not exhausted, tomorrow we fly to Maroua in the morning and leave the hotel at 06:00, have to go to bed already.

But first some updates

The flight was really good, new plan, very comfortable seats, good food, I am one of those that like airline food, what can I say , it runs in the family, my grandmother was known for her love of planes and flights.

We had a stopover in Istanbul and were told that Turkish has just added many more African destinations to their schedule. In August 2012, when we flew to Niamey, it took us 22 hours, this time only 12 hours to Yaounde including a 3 hour stopover in Istanbul. Apparently they fly to Lagos, Benin, Niamey, Lome , doula, almost all west and east Africa, making it very appropriate airline for Israelis flying to Africa. So goodbye Ethiopian hello Turkish.

Our stopover in Istanbul was also good the airport is fine,, duty-free expensive, Wi-Fi – toyed with us, it says free but we could not get any connection.
But what I really want to share with you is the beautiful pictures that Avi took as the sun set over the Sahara

and with this I bid you good night, we will probably not have connection in the next two days, but a lot of updates to talk to you then.

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