16 April 2013

Soooooooo Busy

Hi everyone,

it been so hectic here, i can't even begin to explain. but I can tell you that in the last few days we went to NKUV, 9 1/2 hours drive each way, had meetings in the various ministries with good outcomes, meaning that i have been staying up all night writing proposals, agreements and such until 3am in the morning and again it is morning and I'm soon off to another meeting.

but I must share with you some of the highlights and that is the welcome we recived in NKUV.
we went there with LWDG - Life water development group, headed by peter

will tell you all about it next time, but will share some pictuers of the greatings (could not upload vidieo, weak internet.

the village assembaly in which we presented our idea "the village business center" and got the villagers feedback on how they would like it and we agreed on how to countinue and work load.

 the head of village council, reciving the VBC design
 Avi, Peter and I, on the hills of NKUV
 the greeting of the children, would have been much better if could show you a video, but alas.....

write to you soon

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  1. Thanks for update.
    Congratulations on the success of getting the VBC by the people in NKIV.
    Continuing to follow your advancement with great interest.