18 April 2013

The delicious chicken of Meyomessi – Or was it?

yesterday we woke up at 6 o'clock and were on our way to Meyomessi at 07:00.

Meyomessi is a region with a cluster of 25 villages, it is in the south of Cameroon, a totally different ecological area than Maroua or the northwest. It is an equatorial forest area.
We were introduced to the livestock project, as an income generating business for women,  the fantastic  cooperative structure they have built with all the find programs they plan to have there and especially the dreams and hopes of people, to have a steady income, to have a steady water system, to have a bottled water plant – the have marvelous natural springs and to make the area the CACAO capital of Cameroon, we hope to become part of all of these.

cacao nursery

 the children at Azem

In one of the villages, called Azem of the Bulu people,  they served us lunch, and you probably are asking and "you dared eat"?, well first of all, duty calls and so do manners , so I really felt that I couldn't say no, so the plan was just to taste out of manners and not eat everything. But the chicken served, was cooked well and was very tasty and our hosts made sure it was cooked properly and hygienically. while eating I notice that the skin of the chicken was at least two time as thick as regular chicken, and Avi noticed that he bone structure was diffrent, so finally we asked, what kind of chicken this is, our host's answer was, this is no chicken this is porcupine which we eat on a regular basis here. It is called Ngomb, I apologize to my veggie/vegan family and friends, I didn't mean to eat porcupine, but that is what happened.

This was not the only food experience we had here, yesterday Hesein took us to a local market restaurant were we ate with our hand a local dish called Gniri – it is a sticky maize starch (the closest I can compare is to sticky rice) and Bascoje, Folere and Boko, different beef stews with dried gumbo (bamia), fresh gumbo and a vegetable which is like spinach. It was very delicious and our stomach passed the experience well.




the meeting with the agrical minster
the meeting at the chamber

Next time, I will tell you about NKUV, this must be elaborated on further
All the best from Yaoundé

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