13 July 2017

Day three – Finally got the Lock

It is my third day in Bondo Kenya, and I have already somewhat assimilated, although still in logistical organizations. Today is the day that I finally got my lock to the room. There are two bed rooms in the guest house, and mine could not lock,  so, for two night I slept with an unlocked door, mind you I felt safe but the feeling was strange, finally today the carpenter came and fixed my lock, tonight will be better.

Day 1 – arrived safe and sound, after exactly 13 and a half hours, all the connections worked fine even easier than I imagined, of course I had a problem with overweight (I was very concerned with this) but I was only charged once 20 dollars so that was great. I received my humble accommodations, it is not what I am used to, and at first shock, I considered going to a hotel, but I told myself to stay the night and see what happens. Went shopping for some basic necessities, such as cleaning materials, my next mission is to find a squeegee (water swiper) we went to four supermarkets and could not find.

Day 2 – Slept well decided to stay and mange. Today I received a table and chairs. My very generous host here, introduced me to many people, local staff, security, cooks, faculty members and students, so quite a good network now and I can even ask for things on my own – like the lock. Other than that, I devoted this day to intensive cleaning. I don’t think I have worked so hard cleaning since 1993, I scrubbed, the floors, the walls, the closet and then in the evening my roommate and I cleaned the bathroom together. She is very nice a young PhD student from Cameroon working on biological and chemical pollutants in the water so we actually have complimentary work. I went to bed last night at 12:30 exhausted after a full day of cleaning and unpacking and now I am fine. Did I tell you that we have excellent Wi-Fi. One of the plus reasons to stay.

Plus side
Minus side
Humble accommodations
Scrubbed clean
On campus – great network
This is a good time of year weather is cool
Available meals – don’t have to cook
No Hot water
Can’t really mitigate this – maybe just with the fact that there is water
Good Wi – Fi – need I say more

Day 3 – Started great with the lock and ended even better, with the familiarization tour I made around the county, visited all 5 subcounties of Siaya, many insights and pictures, I will leave it for another day. But this day made me very excited!                                      

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