10 July 2017

On My way to Kenya

Its 1:00 in the morning, on my way to Nairobi, via Addis Abebe. It is estimated to take me about 13 hours just flight and stop overs until reaching Bondo, I plan to get there at 14:30. Lets see what really happens!!!!

Preparation checklist:
  • Where am I going to sleep? – it was kindly arranged for me to be accommodated at the university guesthouse, with another roommate a lady from Cameroon doing her Ph.D. feel really Lucky – check!
  • Where am I going to eat? – the accommodations, include breakfast lunch and dinner. So that’s taken care of – check!
  • Health? Vaccinations - done; insurance – done; medication – got all that covered, half of my suitcase is full of antibiotics – just in case, I don’t really use the stuff, but better be careful than sorry, a first aid kit for travels in the rural areas, hygiene stuff and more – check!
  • How am I going to do my research? – methodology planned, questions for interview written, in touch with local research assistant – check!
So you see not a care in the world 😃– everything meticulously planned – wonder how much god is laughing at me right now – one of my research questions is to check the discrepancy between intentions and planning and on the ground reality – let’s see how this pans out for me????????????????

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