11 July 2017

Ethiopian Airlines -not bad not great

Last time I traveled Ethiopian I was really impressed. This time not so much. First of all it is an old plane with no personal screen. This is realy bad for me since I usually I can't sleep on flights as the case today and can't  watch a movie either So I'm blogging. The food was ok. Ordered Asian vegetarian - not bad stir fry. But the worst,  the guy sitting next to me can not keep his elbows to himself  - most annoying.  I even gently asked if he can be careful,  but to no avail. The guy has no sense of persoal space. It's going to be a long night.
It was a long night and even longer day. Arrived in Bondo around 14:00.  And had a full day of logistics and administration.  Will tell you all about it tomorrow. Have to sleep now. Good night.

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