08 July 2017

The University of Luxemburg

Currently being a university student, I can appreciate other facilities. But this one was special it’s a ecological environmental friendly building., I really got excited with some of the features. The university of Luxemburg in Belval was established in 2003 and currently has ~6000 students. I know about environment friendly buildings, but I haven’t had the experience of using one. So here are some of my experiences in this one. The rooms don’t need lighting because each room has great windows which give enough light, we never opened the light once in our workshop. There are no ACS, only openings in the windows through levels which allow air to come in forming a natural AC, unfortunately, it did not take into consideration out door noise which also comes in, there are motion detection lighting where needed so every time I visited the ladies room, the lights went on and off as I entered or left, so electricity saving yes, but water saving no – they did not have dual flush toilets, every floor has an emergency station with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and more, there are metal panel for signs on the walls and they are put on with magnets, State of the art video conference rooms, gigantic screen in each room for presentations, and my favorite all the walls of the classroom are actually a whiteboard on which you can write and brainstorm. It comes with a suitcase and  markers and some more  stuff,  I really enjoyed writing on the wall it was great.

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