27 July 2017

Day 16 one determined village

So very tired. But could not help it and wanted to share with you my day's experience. It was quite fascinating on two levels personal and academic. On the personal level. I walked today from 09:30 till 18:30. Probably more than 10 km. Within a village. Just walking from house to house. I did not eat and was not hungry. On the academic side. I was talking to people. The rich the poor the widows and youth. They talked about their water issues and how the local water company was formed from a community based organization. And practically the whole village has access to water from communal taps and even 30 percent have water to the home. That is the dream of all the rest. This is very unusual for Siaya and for Kenya as a whole. Quite remarkable. The story is about struggle and persistence and how the community eventually got their water because of a group that was determined. Fascinating.

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