30 July 2017

Day 20 - Stung by a bee

I am not pestered by mosquitos, as I wrote yesterday, I have all the measures to keep them away, but I was stung by a bee today and where…….in the shower, unbelievable. Thank god, I am not allergic, so I was calm, took the sting out, finished my cold shower, have to remind you guys, of my suffering…ha ha ha. And then wrote Eli a WhatsApp- he called me within 1 second, so my pains went away, with the help of Eli and fenistil gel. I came prepared. I have almost any medication, a small pharmacy in fact.
The crime scene

So today all about my day to day

Today is Sunday, when Gertrude and I clean the house, it amazing the amount of bugs I find everytime……. I really like Sunday, because I get to wake up late and after cleaning, I get to sit in clean room and summarize the meeting and interviews I have done in the week. I try to do it, that same day, but sometimes, I am just too tiered.

In the weekdays, I wake up early and between 7-8 we leave the house to different places around the county and come back by 6-7, not much to do when it is dark, hardly any lights so driving is also quite difficult. There are six sub counties, so we are trying to see the different establishments, households, villages in each sub-county. The whole county is not so big only 2,530.4 sq. km, but when it rains in Siaya town, it does not necessarily rain in Bondo town around ¾ of an hour drive away. I have between 4-5 meeting a day, some are spontaneous, some arranged. With a record of 11 one day, it was house to house. Jackson my assistant researcher, lovely caring and diligent person, usually makes the appointments the day before and the appointment is not made for a specific hour but for a time frame. The morning, afternoon or just the day. It is very different to my usual time schedule arrangements, but I find that it is very convenient here, because it allows for spontaneity. Some people we just ask, do you have time now and they usually say sure, Karibu – welcome, how are you?  And we might spend an hour or two and it would be fine and acceptable. Very convenient for me. I must say that people are being very cooperative and trying to assist. Water is a dire problem here and anything to do with it is taken seriously as well as my research.  So, they share quite a lot of information with me. and looking forward to getting a copy of the paper at the end and I am happy to share. I am hearing some fascinating stuff, from theories about world war four happening in Africa over water. To the Riparian law, that does not allow Kenya – a food insecure country - to use Lake Victoria for mass irrigation, because of a colonial law that protected the water of the Nile (mid you the Nile needs to be protected, but not like this, people are on the lake and cannot water their crops, so they wait for the rains. From self-criticism, about the Kenya culture to anger and disappointment with government and leader that quote “only look after their stomachs”,

I have No AC in the room, so I open the window, this of course lets the bugs in, since it is quite mild weather I am still ok, but come august I have to prepare and get a fan. This is my next task, I eventually found a water scooper in Nairobi. Real upgrade. Next time about transportation – quite fascinating. By the way – bee sting – still hurting.

 On the shores of Lake Victoria
Jackson Achuti - Lake Victoria

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